ti communication USA, Inc., was founded in 2017 to bring the experience base of our North American consultant network together with the organizational resources of the ti communication offices in Germany and China. A medium-sized consulting and training services company, we provide customized organization and people development solutions. For clients in the Americas, our 20 years of industry expertise and broad portfolio of services provides robust organizational development solutions. Outside the US, we can connect you with our network of multi-lingual consultants in 80 countries that can serve you locally, wherever you are. We are particularly experienced in complex change processes, international-market entry, and building dexterity for operating across multiple cultures. Expand your reach, increase your capacities, and navigate ever-changing environments through our customized individual, team, and organization-wide solutions. 


We are collaborative in our approach and work with a broad range of companies on accelerating growth capacity and their capacity to grow, especially in changeful times. This leads to relevant solutions anchored into everyday practices. The increased capacity we foster stays with you when we leave.  
Think of us gardeners. We skillfully influence living systems to thrive by paying attention to individuals, ensembles, and environmental factors. We identify and optimize growth conditions, and facilitate generative interactions within the garden. Once in a while, we will supplement our gardening with engineering work when a mechanical manner is warranted. Even the most abundant gardens sometimes need a brick path or retaining wall around which to grow. 


Our key values include:

• Respect for the tremendous variety of lived human experiences.
• Optimism in human and organizational capacities for growth.
• Integrity in all our relationships.
Given that, we listen first to understand your needs, and then select from our sets of tools those that are best suited to effectively address your challenges. If your needs do not match our strengths, we will say so clearly and, if we can, direct you to information about other providers who may be the right fit. 

Companies We Work With