The Power of Difference – and the Differences of Impact

Which impact do you expect of human differences?
Do human differences lead to positive variety and mutual enrichment or fragmentation and suffering? Insights on patterns of difference open up new action choices for leadership and organizational performance, in crises, change and DEI efforts: First,...
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Chess Master to Gardener: Agile Leadership Development

Chessmaster or Gardener?
Few businesses would disagree that greater responsiveness to customers, more innovation, faster time-to-value, and robust profitability are desirable results. In surveys, executives emphasize the importance of agility for their organizations. Given t...
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Co-Innovation, HR and Agile Leadership Development

Please talk to us directly (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for English-language workshops on Co-Innovation, HR and Agile Leadership Development. The invitation below in German refers to events to be held in Duesseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt. Down...
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COVID, Digital Collaboration and CX Strategies: Three Positive Lessons

What if the detour is an opportunity?
This week, I was presented with an enthusiastic appreciative email "for participating in and sharing your CEM best practices with your fellow colleagues. All your great work has culminated in a Just-In-Time "living" guidebook to be shared" naming the...
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History, Memory and Choice in Current Diversity Work

Listening to our better angels?
Reading the first-person reflections of a 90-year old Holocaust survivor warning of the resurgence of extremism, I wonder how his wisdom can help inform work in diversity, inclusion, and equity in this time. How can we honor tragedy, survival, and br...
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Digital Learning: Crisis as Catalyst

Crisis as a Catalyst for Change
This is the title of a recently published HR journal article based on a round table expert interview on online learning. In my role as CEO of ti communication USA, Inc., I was honored to be one of the invited experts. In this discussion, it became ve...
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Dignity, Listening and Leadership

What is your response to turbulence?
Previously, I spoke about the increasing importance of organizational culture, not least in light of further change-waves. Less than two weeks on, on the heels of COVID 19, the next wave is here. Social justice turbulence with intense anger, pain, fe...
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Diversity and Turbulence: Moving Forward with Dignity

To move forward with meaningful, specific and sustainable change, dignity is an approach which can take organizations significantly further than the routine menu of DEI trainings, and well-meaning declarations of sympathy. Forged as its current metho...
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Overwhelmed by Tensions? Use Three Types of Questions

The present feels like a crucible As an immigrant, I have lived in the US through the 2007/08 financial crisis and now COVID 19 followed by the threat of civil fragmentation. Turn by turn, it has been a journey with frequent vertigo of heart and mind...
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Light at the end of the (COVID 19) tunnel? Yes … and a time for purposeful renewal.

Setting directions beyond the tunnel
With services in many regions re-opening, a sense of relief is growing. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We ask: Can we get back to normal at last? Yes … and let's take a closer look. Consider the results of this company's employee poll: 84% ...
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COVID-19 and Community: Resources

How can you maintain connection? Social distance, self-quarantine, stay away from, do not gather … - these messages aim to encourage behaviors to protect your and the public's health in light of the COVID-19 (corona virus). They also fuel anxiety and...
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Dancing Landscapes and Agility

Which landscape do you see?
In this article, find inspiration through a metaphor for systems-based change thinking. Subsequently, you are invited to connect this metaphor with a practice-based tool for building agile capacity in teams. Dancing Landscapes Imagine a moving landsc...
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Dignity Resources

Dignity provides a lens which can inform the development of thriving organization cultures, employee engagement, diversity & inclusion, leadership, conflict resolution, teams and change processes. Below are selected readings and resources. We off...
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Lightening Up Diversity

"What's something you value about yourself?" This was the opening question to an informal night of conversation among professionals gathered around the theme, 'Humanizing diversity in the workplace,' hosted by ti Communication USA  in Portland, ...
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Inspiring Interactions (Interview)

Listen to Dimitra Giannakoulias being interviewed by ti communication USA, Inc.´s Sabine Amend on Dimitra´s transformational learnings from living outside of the US for several years, and how this experience continues to inspire her diversity work as...
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Diversity: Building Healthy Connections. Yes, this can be fun!

  In a casual atmosphere, surrounded by Italian-inspired hospitality, Interchange Evening PDX on 31 July 2019 was hosted by tic USA CEO Sabine Amend. Expert facilitator Dimitra Giannakoulias and a group of very engaged participants demonstrated just how very possible it is to enjoy growing positive relationships while addressing a topic which often proves divisive rather than connective.Through...
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Importance of Goal Setting For Businesses & Employees

  Goal setting is important in all aspects of life, and especially in business. Goals create a direct channel of focus and productivity until completed within a certain time period. Goal setting for your business, as well as your employees, will be massively profitable for your overall success.  How can you...
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The Importance of Employee Focus Groups

  Employee focus groups are far more useful than you may realize. It can be difficult to consider the employees who work under you when you are so heavily involved with the responsibilities of running a business. However, it is imperative to keep these people more in mind. These are the...
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7 Traits Of Being An Effective Leader

  In order for a workplace to function efficiently, it is vital for its leadership to be strong and effective. An effective leader has several specific qualities that make them truly successful in how they run their team. So what are these traits? Below, you will find seven traits of an...
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Stress Management at Work

  Stress management is extremely important for both physical and mental health. One of the biggest sources of stress is usually work related. Work stress can be cause by many different things: Being underpaid. It is hard to manage stress when you do not know how you will afford your next...
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The Importance of Proper Communication at Work

Proper communication in the workplace is extremely important. It can prevent all kinds of misunderstandings, creates a happy work environment, and helps shape team individuals into a cohesive unit.  Many people work long hours with the same people each day. This greatly increases the probability of communication breakdowns, and small misunderstandings...
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Intercultural Team Management

In modern society, people of differing cultures and backgrounds have the opportunity to work together like never before. Technology allows all people to connect and achieve all kinds of goals. However, even with all these open doors, misunderstandings can sometimes slip through. An intercultural team is capable of great things when...
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