Though many companies talk about innovation, few have workplace cultures that truly foster it. We work with organizations on innovation capacity. We help you inculcate the mindsets, behaviors, team practices, and leadership behaviors so that the right conditions for human innovation are established. Engaging with ti communication produces tangible innovation results.


The benefits of diversity in business are vast. Teams with high diversity can significantly outperform homogenous groups, especially when managed well. Unfortunately, many multicultural teams become stuck in unresolved conflicts resulting in mistrust, lowering of morale, and loss of productivity. 

Collaboration (or lack thereof) in multicultural teams can significantly affect your overall organizational success. Productivity, client satisfaction, service quality and timely delivery of work are all subject to how well your multicultural teams collaborate. 

When mired in conflict, it’s difficult to see the great benefits of working in diverse teams. The range of perspectives and insights diversity brings to an organization provide a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace. But to gain the full value that diverse teams can bring to an organization, the team must learn specific communication practices, coordination styles, and leadership behaviors to collaborate successfully. We have decades of experience and offer training, workshops, and facilitation to elevate performance in these teams.


Organizational effectiveness is, more often than not, an outcome of interdependent elements in an organization. Rather than approaching effectiveness challenges through a lens of isolating one part to “fix” a problem, we take a systemic perspective. We provide thinking tools and solutions which keep the greater context in sight while also identifying the practical actions that address the issues at hand. Our approach can be applied to organizational effectiveness issues which may appear small or large – such as interdepartmental silos, a recurring conflict between managers of certain positions (although the individuals have changed) or issues that stubbornly resist resolution. At first sight, your organizational effectiveness challenges may seem particularly difficult to address, but with our interventions, we can quickly identify the root causes and create a plan to support your goals.