Innovation is often admired for the resulting new products, services, or business models. New products capture the imagination of the marketplace. Services which uniquely address a customer need are lauded. New business models create an audible buzz in the marketplace. We all want to be in the organization that brings innovation to the world. But how can you transform your organization into a culture of innovation? By increasing your innovation capacity.

Organizational Innovation Capacity

What’s your organization’s innovation capacity? Does your workplace have appropriate conditions for innovation work? We offer engagements focusing on expanding your organization’s capacity for innovation. We can help you build the skills and spaces for improvisation and generative communication that foster innovation. We bring fresh processes that may initially appear very “unusual” to conventional organizations but they are designed to break down the organization’s barriers to innovation and allow teams to break through to higher innovation capacity.
Our approach is informed by a living systems lens and perspectives from complexity science. We use these tools to set the right conditions for human innovation work. While the truly new cannot be predicted (otherwise, it would not be new), it is possible to cultivate the environmental conditions to positively shift the odds that innovation, both mundane and major, will occur.
We instill the knowledge, practices, and processes that increase the likelihood for breakthroughs and discovery. We ensure that ideas are noticed, valued, and brought forward. By fostering an environment for innovation, we help you expand your organization’s innovation capacity. 

Innovation Capacity In Leaders And Teams

We build the individual and group’s capacity for innovation through a repertoire of knowledge, mindsets, group work practices, and leadership behaviors. After a detailed conversation with you about your goals and challenges, we start the journey by integrating with a task that already needs to be accomplished. We redesign the task process in an innovation-oriented manner and build alignment on direction within the leadership team to ensure everyone can adopt these. 

Innovation Resources

The spaces and skills for innovation we can assist you with include non-linear learning groupware processes, generative communication dynamics and skills, improvisation principles and practices, skills for navigating emergent dynamics in groups and individual processes, and dialogic practices.