Organizational effectiveness is dependent on many elements. We approach effectiveness challenges through a systemic perspective rather than isolating one problem and trying to fix it. We keep the big picture insight while we identify the practical steps needed to make a positive impact on the issues at hand. 

Beyond Departmental Silos

Departmental silos (and the resulting interoffice friction) can derail strategic efforts, waste resources, and become morale killers. While some inter-group differences or competition can stimulate healthy debate, the loss of shared goals or the bigger perspective all too often leads to insular decisions and behaviors.
We offer a practical methodology to improve organizational effectiveness. We facilitate group-process tools to build effective interactions, free up information flow, and assist with the management of healthy boundaries between different organizational groups.

Different Employees, Same Problems

Have you changed the players in some positions in your organization, maybe even more than once, but somehow the “game” of oppositional behaviors and missed objectives continues all the same? This may be a cue that the context for the players contains obstacles to organizational effectiveness, and pinning blame on individuals may be misplaced. The obstacles may be elements of the organizational culture, role design, systems or processes impacting performance, or a combination of these factors. 

ti communication helps you unravel these dynamics so that you arrive at a different outcome that “sticks.” We help establish a different game so that the players can make positive contributions.

Intractable Workplace Problems

Some organizational effectiveness issues manifest as recurring conflicts. Individual, team or organizational problems may have so many moving parts that they seem impossible to untangle. Often, these issues cannot be resolved through the type of thinking and practice which brought them into existence in the first place.

In situations such as this, we can offer you valuable thinking and practice tools that draw on living systems thinking applied to human systems. Often, it takes a surprisingly short time and modest amounts of resources to bring resolution to seemingly intractable issues.

The formats we offer to do this work include workshops, meeting facilitation, training and tailored and organization development processes.