Accelerating international success requires cross-cultural management. Global companies that can fully leverage the mindsets, working practices, leadership and negotiation styles, communication patterns, and relationship norms of different cultures within their organization have a superior competitive advantage. These organizations bring cross-cultural insights into their strategic and operational decision-making, organizational processes, and talent management to gain highly engaged and productive multi-cultural teams. Our network of 300 consultants and coaches in 80 countries provides the actionable insights you need to accelerate your international company. By drawing on more than 20 years of experience in a range of industries, we partner with you to embed key mindsets, practices, and collaboration methods for your organization’s ongoing global success.


Our intercultural training provides you with actionable insights into country-specific (e.g., Mexico, India, Germany, China) mindsets and behaviors for effective international collaboration in teams and projects. Trainings are deliverable in online and in-house formats, as well as select open-enrollment sessions. They can be focused on the needs of R&D, engineering, sales, HR and support functions, or be delivered to groups with a mix of functional backgrounds. To date, thousands of participants have offered feedback that they see reduced friction, accelerated problem-solving, and higher performance in their work as a result of attending these trainings. Sometimes stakeholders aren’t from different countries, yet cultural challenges still exist within the team. Team members from different generations, genders, thinking styles, motivational profiles, and professional roles can face the same frictions that multicultural teams face. We also provide trainings which take a broader multi-cultural diversity management approach. These formats are highly effective in strengthening trust, understanding, respect, and engaged cooperation. When appropriate, individual, group or team assessments are included. Our trainers and facilitators worldwide combine culture-and-discipline specific expertise to deliver highly practical solutions. Training is available in multiple languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, and Portuguese.


Relocating staff to meet organizational needs abroad or attracting talent into one’s home-country is a critical element in accelerating global organizational performance. The more astute your globally mobile workforce is in recognizing the cultural factors which impact their behaviors and their colleagues’ behavior, the faster they will adapt to become high-performing contributors in their new environments. With a track record of serving medium-sized to large corporations in more than 30 countries for two decades, our global mobility solutions provide a very high level of responsiveness to individuals and families during the challenges of cultural transition. For our clients, we optimize the use of digital learning tools such as the Country Navigator, global and international management competency assessments, in-person trainings, and telephone or virtual coaching. Given the significant risks and high costs of failed or underperforming assignments, cultural transition support is a moderate investment with excellent ROI and sustainable impact.


Global leadership demands intellectual agility, rapid learning, disciplined self-regulation, superior communication, flexibility, and the ability to influence people of diverse cultures. We offer just-in-time, real-life, and action-oriented coaching that is a proven, highly effective and sustainable approach to cultivating these leadership behaviors. Our blend of functional assessments, leadership coaching frameworks, and cultural and global business knowledge offers tailored solutions for mid-level to C-level leaders. Global leadership coaching can be used in preparation for a promotion, during transitions into expanded tasks, as a way to uncover leader blind spots and mitigate potential career derailers, and as an on-going practice which allows the leader a safe, confidential space for problem-solving with a neutral party.


We offer an integrated organization and leadership development process to clients who wish to shift their organization’s practices, values, and procedures towards full cultural agility. Organizations who engage with us on deep dexterity gain high resilience in multiple markets and a broad-based capacity to make sense of and adapt to international conditions.
Deep dexterity organizational development begins with an in-depth conversation about your goals and challenges. We then work with you to uncover current constraints and identify the highest-impact change-points that will make deep dexterity your company’s core competitive strength. We then build a framework of solutions such as skill-building workshops, values-tracking, and leadership development.  
While some benefits will be relatively immediate, this is typically a longer process. The returns include more fluid collaboration across the organization, speed and quality in execution, increased capacity for innovation, greater ability to attract top-tier international talent, and keener strategic insight into market conditions.