Global workforce and talent management is a significant challenge of international business management. Whether you are relocating your staff to another country to meet organizational needs abroad or attracting talent into your home-country, getting a workforce that can perform in the environment is critical to accelerating your global performance.

Expatriate Relocations

Typically, the expectations of expatriate staff and talent recruited from abroad are high. They are asked to perform well in their roles right away regardless of the time it takes to build productive working relationships with the local team and other relevant stakeholders of the organization.

Cultural Environment Transition

The globally-mobile workforce is often dealing with the enormous, (and initially invisible) task of functioning in an unfamiliar cultural environment, both professionally and socially. The learning curve can be very steep, and the employee can engage in behaviors that are typical in their culture but cause disconnects in the culture in which they find themselves. Loss of productivity lowered morale, and a decrease in confidence can result. 

Cultural Transition Support

The more astute your globally-mobile workforce is in recognizing the cultural factors which impact their behaviors and their colleagues’ behavior, the faster they will become high-performing contributors to their new environments. ti communication can provide appropriate cultural transition support to aid employees in adapting more quickly. We can help global workforce talent to minimize mistakes in communication behaviors and avoid potential violations of workplace norms while on their path to becoming well-regarded members of their teams. We optimize the use of digital learning tools such as the Country Navigator, global and international management competency assessments, in-person training, and telephone or virtual coaching. 

Cultural transition support is also of critical importance for family members since they, too, navigate a major life change. Their effective adaptation is a crucial factor influencing your employee’s engagement, stress level, and performance. We regularly work with family members to provide cultural transition support. 

A Global Track Record of Cultural Transition Support

With a track record of serving medium-sized to large corporations in more than thirty countries for two decades, our global mobility solutions provide a very high level of responsiveness to individuals and families during the challenges of cultural transition. 
Given the significant risks and high costs of failed or underperforming assignments, cultural transition support is a moderate investment with excellent ROI and sustainable impact.