We offer an integrated organization and leadership development process to clients who wish to shift their organization’s practices, values, and procedures towards full cultural agility. Organizations who engage with us in global dexterity gain high resilience in multiple markets and a broad-based capacity to make sense of and adapt to international conditions.
Global dexterity development begins with an in-depth conversation about your goals and challenges. We then work with you to uncover current constraints and identify the highest-impact change-points that will make global dexterity your company’s core competitive strength. While each organization’s needs are unique, our process includes assessments of global organizational intelligence, global leadership bench strength, and factors of your corporate culture which may or may not fit with deep dexterity. In on-going dialogue and collaboration with you, we then build a framework of solutions into a project plan. In it, we determine which action steps we facilitate or fully deliver, which action steps to implement with your current resources, and how to close resource gaps. Our role is that of project facilitators, experts in organization development and objective observers who can challenge habits or assumptions. 
Areas which may become part of the development process include:

  • “Fit” and gap assessment between strategy and organizational culture
  • Culture shift process
  • Capacity and people development strategy for global dexterity
  • Recruitment, retention and engagement plan and practices for talent from many cultures and locations
  • Succession plan for talent and leaders with global dexterity aptitudes
  • Developing KPIs and measurables for global dexterity outcomes
  • Coaching of key staff
  • Training in critical skills, such as communicating across cultures and virtual teamwork
  • Learning practices to support dexterity skills such as collaboration, flexibility, trust-building, improvisation, self-leadership and productive navigation of ambiguity and complexity.


While some benefits will be relatively immediate, global dexterity is typically a long process. The returns include more fluid collaboration across the organization, speed and quality in execution, increased capacity for innovation, greater ability to attract top-tier international talent, and keener strategic insight into market conditions. We believe global dexterity is the future for all business and we are committed to helping businesses thrive in global markets.