Global leadership demands intellectual agility, rapid learning, disciplined self-regulation, superior communication, flexibility, and the ability to influence people of diverse cultures. As Sam Palmisano, former IBM chairman, president, and chief executive officer put it, “The nature of competition and the forces of innovation shift the frontiers of science, business, and technology at a rate we’ve never seen before. Which is why expertise is not static. To be competitive, any individual – like any company, community or country – has to adapt continuously, learning new fields and new skills. . . We need a workforce model that recognizes this shift. As always, the really hard part is culture and mindset.” 

This need for accelerated learning and dealing with the “hard part” is especially relevant for leaders who work across several countries or in truly global organizations. 

Global Leadership Coaching Frameworks

Organizations are struggling to understand the specific developmental needs, and the best learning methods needed to develop genuinely globally-intelligent, multi-perspective leaders. Moreover, leaders need to build global business knowledge and expand their strategic views to address the challenges shared by international organizations, such as balancing global coordination with local responsiveness. 

ti communication offers comprehensive leadership coaching which systematically addresses these needs through a clear developmental framework aligned with the unique skills set of a specialized coach. The specific profile of the coach includes personal, cultural transition experiences, grounding in international business practice, intercultural knowledge, and advanced coaching skills.

Functional Assessments

The coaching process usually begins with a functional assessment to establish a baseline as well as to determine goals. Our coaching solutions are tailored to meet the needs of mid-level to C-level leaders and encompass personality factors, functional roles, and business contexts. Global leadership coaching is ideal for preparing an employee for a promotion, expanded tasks, or as a way to uncover blind spots that can undermine one’s career. As an ongoing practice, global leadership coaching gives leaders a safe, confidential space for problem-solving with a neutral party.

We offer just-in-time, real-life, and action-oriented coaching that is a proven, highly effective and sustainable approach to cultivating dynamic global leader behaviors. In turn, global leaders measurably elevate the performance of the organization through their business acumen, influence on organizational culture and networks of influencing relationships.