Our intercultural training provides you with actionable insights into country-specific (e.g., Mexico, India, Germany, China) mindsets and behaviors for effective international team collaboration.

Intercultural Communication Skills

Many intercultural misunderstandings in the workplace can be prevented or mitigated with the appropriate knowledge and tools. For example, culture-based communication style differences can easily be misinterpreted. Differences in communication styles can, in turn, unnecessarily undermines productive potentials when working with people from other cultures. Moreover, preconceived notions or unconscious bias can warp the views we may have of people from a different culture, thereby closing doors for positive interactions across diverse populations before a project has even begun.

Workplace Education

Our intercultural training is tailored to your organization and delivered online and in-house. (We also offer select open-enrollment sessions of a more general nature.) We assist you in choosing the delivery mechanism and duration that best suits your needs, be it a general introduction or a highly specialized briefing for an executive team. Sessions can be focused on the functional requirements of R&D, engineering, sales, HR, and support departments or be delivered to groups with a mix of functional backgrounds. To date, thousands of participants have offered feedback that they see reduced friction, accelerated problem-solving, and higher performance in their work as a result of attending our intercultural training.

Diversity Management

Sometimes stakeholders aren’t from different countries, yet cultural challenges still exist within the team. Team members from different generations, genders, thinking styles, motivational profiles, and professional roles can face the same frictions that multicultural teams face. We also provide training that takes a broader, diversity-management approach. These formats are highly effective in strengthening trust, understanding, respect, and cooperation. When appropriate, individual, group or team assessments are included.

Multiple Languages

Our trainers and facilitators worldwide combine culture-and-discipline-specific expertise to deliver highly practical solutions. Training is available in multiple languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, and Portuguese.