Every business must manage change but managing it can be daunting for companies because change can take many forms. From a simple structural realignment to the complex integration of an acquired company, change management requires responsiveness and a set of tools that many companies don’t have. We understand that how well you manage change often dictates how successful your company is. We bring sustainable methods and solutions to help you manage change in every form at every stage so your business operates at full strength.   


Change is inevitable. You simply cannot survive today without managing change. At times, change may require a large organizational effort, like the integration of an acquired company. Change can take the form of a shift in organizational structures and habits or a re-alignment of responsive capabilities with changed conditions. If you are struggling to address your current change challenges, we can bring sustainable solutions, tools, and methods to your team which last long after we have gone.


You can achieve a fit between your organization’s culture, strategy, and environment that frees energy builds employee engagement and supports effective action at all levels of your organization. 

We offer customized and collaborative solutions for cross culture conflict which include assessments, action design, and facilitation, so that the needed shifts take root. Our focus is on strengthening cultures which may look very different from business to business, even in the same industry. Our track record includes work on healthy high-diversity cultures, employee and customer engagement, and establishing conducive conditions for collaborative innovation.


Some studies report that more than 80% of mergers and acquisitions fail. The reason is often that the cultural aspects of the merger were never considered. Strategy, technology, capabilities, financials, and many other aspects were considered but how the employees from two divergent cultures would work together is overlooked. For instance, American work culture and values are different from, say, European business culture. Different cultural backgrounds have derailed many Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As). This kind of derailment can be avoided by assessing the cultural differences between the two organizations and developing a thoughtful plan to bridge the key differences. The plan can be implemented rapidly with sustainable action steps to ensure it is a long-term solution. We provide tools and processes for M&A integration as well as support in managing such a major change so that the new venture becomes a high-performing entity in line with your strategic aspirations. Change is inevitable and constant. Whether you need to manage change, develop a more productive culture or integrate cultures during a merger and acquisition, ti communication can help you manage the process.