Organizational cultures shape “the way we do things here.” Culture is expressed in the spoken and unspoken “rules of the game,” and the day-to-day habits of employees. Culture is embedded in the values which drive what gets attention, how resources are managed, and how success is achieved. People and processes that are mismatched to the organizational culture can jeopardize the organization’s survival in small and large ways. For example, cues for opportunities or threats may go unnoticed, essential tasks may not get addressed or may be done in a way that is not a fit for what is actually needed. An organization with culture issues will have conflicts, confusion, and silo-thinking. In such organizations, getting things done may feel like walking in lead shoes and bumping into brick walls at every other turn. When you know your organization needs a cultural transformation, the task may seem daunting.

Establishing & Fostering Organizational Culture

How can you establish and foster an organizational culture that is an environment where people can do great work that is suited to what is needed to thrive in your industry? We provide coaching, training, and mentoring to guide your cultural shift.


Mapping Your Workplace Culture

To begin any shift, we have to first understand where the culture is currently. Through a combination of questionnaire-based cultural assessments and interviews, we build a picture of your current workplace state. Depending on your organization, the resulting snapshot could be fairly coherent or indicate divergent views on the present situation. We map the present culture, explore its strengths and weaknesses, and discover what changes will be needed to support the organization’s goals and strategies. 

Cultivating The Right Organizational Culture

The “right” culture is different for every organization,and culture adapts and changes over time. The right culture in one firm might mean a stronger entrepreneurial set of values. In another, it could mean values that are reliant on safety, risk-minimization, and careful planning. The industry you’re in, the company leadership, the mission, and values of the company all play a role in shaping culture.

Being deliberate about your culture may require introducing new practices or tools to support development in the desired direction. For example, if you desire higher employee engagement or more rigor in decision-making, we can facilitate organizational changes to develop these cultural practices. 

Adapt Values, Practices, And Interconnections

Shifting your culture takes time and effort, but we make the transition more strategic and streamlined. Through facilitated conversations, structured group work processes, and a variety of interventions we help you move your culture towards the “right” state. 

Positive Workplace Cultures Produce Higher Productivity

ti communication have worked with hundreds of corporations around the globe on cultural shifts. We routinely see higher productivity, clarity of norms and expectations decreased team friction and more consistent delivery of outcomes. Shifting to the “right” culture provides a stronger foundation for recruitment and retention, as well as a framework for leadership expectations and behaviors.