Improving employee performance can be a stressful topic for leaders and human resources specialists. However, we can provide practical solutions to build the right organizational environments, mindsets, and behaviors, so employees are empowered to deliver excellence. We set the right conditions for engagement, remove roadblocks to individual performance, and facilitate the mindsets needed to ensure healthy team dynamics. When you engage ti communication in employee performance improvement, it creates positive ripple effects throughout your organization.


Leaders play a critical role in employee engagement and performance. An individual leader’s trust-related behaviors, communication skills, self-regulation, and decision-making significantly affect employee productivity and the organization’s overall performance. In fact, organizational cultures are shaped considerably by leadership behaviors because, depending on a leader’s style and skills, their impact can be far-reaching in positive and negative ways. High-functioning organizations understand the impact of their leaders and carefully develop their leaders. In turn, leadership development becomes an important aspect of organizational culture and capacity development. ti communication can assist you with your leadership development with tailored approaches, including assessment, program development, and expert leadership coaching.


In many organizations, teams are the unit in which the bulk of work gets done. At the same time, teamwork experiences are not always positive. Challenges can include disengaged team members, conflict, misunderstandings, wasted efforts or confusion, as well as unclear direction. 

Effective team communication develops healthy levels of trust, coordinates roles, tasks, and expectations, and contributes to constructive conflict resolution. Teams tasked with fast-paced knowledge work and innovation need a particularly refined skills-base for effective self-organization. We provide relevant methods, tools, and facilitation for highly engaged and productive team collaboration.