Our leadership development is practical and action-based. “Good” leadership is recognized only when the leader’s style “fits” with the current organizational context. For example, the leadership needed for stewarding stability versus managing explosive entrepreneurial growth can alter what a “fit is.” 
Leaders frequently need to find their way to this “fit” within a brief period, and often without guidance, objective feedback, or support. Leaders and organizational stakeholders may discover, sometimes painfully, that a previously lauded set of behaviors is ineffective in a new role, environment or context. While there are patterns to a leader’s developmental journey, day-to-day leadership practices that “fit” can vary greatly. 

Leader Assessment

Initial leader assessments of aptitude and motivational and perceptual styles are extremely valuable, especially in high-stakes executive roles and for large individual or group-based investments into leader development programs. These assessments are essential in determining program goals and ensuring the practical use of resources. Additionally, leader assessments are valuable to the C-suite and HR departments to provide the most rigorous approach to critical recruitment or succession decisions.

Leadership Development Programs

We design and deliver leadership development programs which address both horizontal (knowledge, skills) and vertical (personal development, maturity) dimensions of leader development. Our tailored-to-your-needs programs allow for the cost-effectiveness of cohort-based program delivery while facilitating an individualized development process. This integrated approach informs program design which draws on a broad range of methodologies designed to foster growth in behavior strategies, communication, self-leadership, as well as strategic thinking and business practices.


We offer tailored coaching processes which focus on the person in the context of their role, environment, and situation. We ground our coaching in the actual work experiences of the leader to support their growth and accelerate their “fit.” Our coaching can align with specific leadership or organizational values frameworks, if and as relevant.

Our certified and highly-educated coaches have worked with mid-management to C-level leaders in entrepreneurial, mid-sized, and large corporate organizations. Outcomes of coaching have included increased professional satisfaction and effectiveness, positive career developments, successful change initiatives, and dramatically positive performance shifts in teams, and entire organizations.