We address and improve employee performance through three key areas--motivation, trust and leadership development. 

Employee Motivation

Motivation is a crucial element in performance, without which, even a person with the perfect skills and knowledge for a task will not sufficiently contribute to the company’s goals. However, gaining that full engagement from employees only happens when their motivations are engaged. We help managers understand the unique bundle of motivational factors so that they can better meet the critical motivational needs of employees and fuel their teams’ performance.

To shift members into inspired performance, we begin with an assessment-and-feedback process based on the nine-factor Motivational Maps framework. For leaders, we embed this into a coaching process to build leader self-awareness and influencing skills. For teams, we facilitate workshops to clarify the links between motivational factors and team dynamics, which lead to issue-resolution and agreements on collaboration. For the HR function, we partner with leaders and specializes in applying the Motivational Maps framework to optimize strategy-making, role profiles, recruitment, selection, and talent retention, so that motivational alignment enhances overall organizational capacity.

Strengthen Team Trust

High-trust teams and organizations outperform those with lower trust by upwards of 15 percent. Low-trust environments include dysfunctional relationships, resistance to change and innovation, high stress, dwindling engagement, and burgeoning administrative safety-seeking mechanisms. Surprisingly, many leaders, teams, and organizations do not think of trust as a precious resource which can be understood and cultivated to address these issues. 

If you would like to make the shift towards high-trust practices, we can assist you with a systematic approach which allows you to recognize different ways of trusting, assess the current trust-dynamics, and take action to reap the benefits of the high trust. We facilitate group workshops, provide leadership coaching, and organization development processes that will strengthen team trust.  

Leadership Development

Employees in any role become more engaged and productive when companies invest in the employee’s leadership development. We offer leadership development programs that can be tailored to any role in an organization. Designed to motivate and build trust, leadership development programs are an exceptional tool for employee performance improvement.