Registrations will be accepted until:
04 November 2020
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Virtual (PST; UTC - 8)
Language: English
Price: $185

Delivering Feedback and Designing Actions (OD)

(via Cascade Employers Association and Oregon OD Network)

This session focuses on delivering feedback and designing actions based on the information gathered about the client system.

Key elements include choices around feedback frameworks and communication methods, whom to include in action-planning, and how to include them. In this phase of the Organization Development (OD) process, practitioners also look more closely at the systems’ capacity for action, key leverage points, potential resistance, and available resources constraints. These considerations inform the selection of action approaches which fit with the organizational context and project objectives.

Part of the the Organization Development Certificate Program.


Participants will –

  • Recognize how feedback choices can stimulate client engagement
  • Become familiar with the continuum of choices in action-planning participation
  • Explore a model to develop insights into a system’s capacity for action
  • Reflect on the tensions between stakeholder goals and the consultant’s own responses to tensions
  • Discuss options for OD actions
  • Practice action-planning using the course case study

Instructors: Sabine Amend, CEO of ti communication USA, Inc., and Mary Cogan, Leadership Coach and OD Consultant