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23 August 2019
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Location: Virtual (PST; UTC - 8)
Language: English
Price: $220
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Sabine Amend

CEO of ti communication USA, Inc.

Is your English globally effective?

This virtual short workshop provides key bridging tools and skills. This material is especially relevant for native English speakers who need to communicate effectively across varying English skill levels and styles, such as managers and members of multi-cultural teams, specialists tasked with equity and inclusion efforts, and professionals who work internationally. Excellent bridging skills contribute significantly to positive leader impact, employee performance, team cohesion and employee engagement.

In an active learning session, you will

  • gain insight into the perspectives of SOEL communicators, and how their perspectives impact communication dynamics with native speakers
  • practice bridging tools and skills which are immediately applicable
  • put in place a strategy to continue practicing your new skills in your work context.

Case Study

Recently, you have been promoted to lead a small team; some of the team members are recent arrivals in your country with unusual accents, others are internationals abroad. They seem to understand you well enough but you are not really sure if that is so. In meetings, you find that one or two people talk a lot, others seem to be silent or vague most of the time. A good team, you think, should communicate differently. But how? Are there ways to communicate confidently across all these varieties of English styles and skill levels? Would that help reach the team goals?



This virtual short workshop provides approaches which

  • reduce discomfort and stress in communication
  • strengthen relationships
  • build engagement
  • increase productivity