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18 September 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Language: English
Price: $1575
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Your Trainer:

Robert Schuller

Senior Trainer

Intercultural Training Mexico-Germany

The following topics will be discussed in detail during the training:

  • Organisation of time in the Mexican and German culture
  • Intercultural strategies to optimize the resource of time
  • Synergical effects through an intercultural understanding of time
  • Correlations between efficient time management and correct decision making
  • Intercultural consideration of risks during the process of decision making
  • Impacts of cultural stereotypes on the process of decision making
  • Analysis of specific problematic situations, which have to be solved through taking the right decisions, by using graphic examples

Case Study

Mr. Gutierrez works on a project that has to be finished until the next week. Shortly before the deadline his German boss Mr. Schröder gives him another task which on first sight seems to be a lot of work. However, Mr. Schröder doesn’t mention which of the two tasks have priority for him. In general, it is well known in the department that Mr. Schröder expects his staff to work independently.


This training has the aim to raise awareness for time concepts of other cultures which can become the basis for a successful intercultural time management. In the end this makes it more likely to take the right decisions at different challenges in work life.