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04 September 2020
11:30 am - 12:00 am
Language: English
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Sabine Amend

CEO of ti communication USA, Inc.

Motivational Maps (In-Depth) – Key Tool for Talent Management, Productivity and a Positive Organization Culture

In this one-day highly interactive workshop, you will explore the 9-factor Motivational Maps framework and take action steps to align motivation and performance. First you will take the Motivational Maps assessment to identify your own key motivational factors. Next, after assessing how much motivational “fuel” you currently have in your “tank”, we will work on individual approaches to energize your own skills and knowledge into optimal performance. In further exercises, we explore how the motivational map framework can be applied to your professional context, to addressing and solving conflict and performance issues in teams, as well as dynamics in leadership and organization development.

Your facilitator: Sabine Amend


Familiarize yourself with an actionable framework and tool on motivation as a foundation for further action and decision-making.

  • Optimize your own performance based on individual assessment of your motivational factors
  • Energize yourself and others
  • Build engagement in teams and organizations
  • Understand and resolve motivation-driven conflicts
  • Strengthen decision-making in career-choices, recruitment and promotion