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21 November 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Virtual (CET; UTC +1)
Language: English
Price: $220
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Dr. Frank Brueck

Senior Consultant

Intercultural Competence: Adaptation


Adapting to a new living situation is not always easy. Moving to a different country, join a multicultural team, or even only changing job in the same city, may let you experience the unpleasant effects of culture shock. However, there are ways to help you to get over the critical stages of cultural adaption processes. In this workshop you will:

  • Learn to detect the signs of a culture shock
  • The reasons and effects for culture shocks
  • Sharpen your awareness on the effects of culture
  • Practice coping strategies to cope with the effects of the adaption process – including the use of meditation to eliminate the stress of a culture shock

Case Study

The first two months in his new job in Johannesburg passed very easily for Markus from Germany. True, everything was new and many things confused him even. But the excitement of finally being able to work in South Africa covered all that. Once the thrill of newness wore off however, he found certain aspects of his new life here very tiring: the constant need to be alert on the street in order not to become a victim of crime – or of traffic, the way everyone seemed to portray superficial levels of friendliness, the shabbiness of his office environment, etc. All that got him quite annoyed at times and he felt rather uncomfortable. This was strange, since he normally considered himself a very calm and rational person. But yesterday his temper came through in a meeting even. He was much sharper in the criticism of a colleagues work than he wanted to be. Somehow this country really got to him it seemed. Should he leave before this got even worse?


The goal of this workshop is to increase your awareness of the complexity of cultural adaption processes and of its different stages. You’ll be able to recognize cultural differences and their effects on you personally better and you will learn about coping strategies to allow faster adaption including the use of meditative practises for that purpose.