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Dr. Frank Brueck

Senior Consultant

Doing Business in German-Speaking Europe: Beyond Oktoberfest, Chocolate and Ballroom Dancing

From a distance it may seem as if the cultural differences between Austria, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland may be minor and ignorable for doing business in German-speaking Europe. Even some of the most renowned cultural theories don’t really discriminate between these three cultures. However, a closer look reveals the various pitfalls and important difference in communication for instance. The key to successfully cooperate and negotiate in German-speaking Europe is the ability to address the right cultural patterns and to understand the subtle but very relevant differences in the business behavior. It is not even uncommon to have business people from Germany to prepare him- or herself with an intercultural training for doing business in Austria or Switzerland.

Case Study

The members of the Austrian delegation had a very bad feeling right from the beginning. They sensed that their Swiss business contacts here in Bern were not actually interested in a cooperation. After a very brief and polite welcome at the beginning of the meeting all points on the agenda were only briefly discussed and ticked off. There was no real interest in the Austrians. They felt that the Swiss portrayed a work-to-rule attitude without real engagement. Already after the first break the Austrians were sure that something was very wrong and that the business would not materialize – even though the Swiss business propositions were not all that bad actually.


This training provides you with:

  • Detailed information on the cultural differences in German-speaking Europe
  • The variations in communication patterns
  • The different ways to establish and maintain a business relation
  • Important clues to interpret behavioural patterns
  • Reasons for deviating working styles
  • Dos and Don’ts in all three cultures