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05 September 2019
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Working in India: Expect the Unexpected

he following list serves as an example of topics that are of significance in any cooperation with Indian partners, clients and employees and that will be handled in the course depending on the needs of the participants.

  • Discussion topics, establishing and maintaining contact
  • Relevance of contracts in China
  • Safety for foreign businesses
  • The gap of generations
  • Approach to work
  • Time management
  • Hierarchical structures
  • Personnel management Private life and professional life
  • Special aspects of communication (taking part in meetings, performance interviews, conflict management, negotiations etc. using case studies)

Case Study

During a discussion on the delay in the delivery of certain files at the workplace, the Indian co-worker attempts to give a detailed explanation for the cause of the delay, hoping to find understanding from his German colleague. His German colleague gets impatient and says “that is your problem”. Such a communication style is completely unknown to the Indian team member. He finds it very rude and unfriendly. He is upset with his German colleague and finds it increasingly difficult to further work with him.


The purpose of this training is to optimize your collaboration with partners from India.

  • Your contacts and projects run smoothly
  • You avoid misunderstandings and conflicts effectively
  • You safe time, nerves and money