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30 May 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Portland
Language: English
Price: $1510
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Sabine Amend

CEO of ti communication USA, Inc.

Intercultural Training USA

Our intercultural training course on working and living in the USA will give you relevant insights on the cultural, political, historical and economic background of the country. You will come to appreciate the “why” of behaviors and thinking habits in this country. In turn, this allows you to build stronger relationships and act more effectively in a wide range of situations. The following list serves as an example of topics that are of significance in any cooperation with US-American partners, clients and employees. They will be handled in the course depending on the needs of the participants.

  • American Identity and its Roots
  • Success and the American Ways
  • Relationships, Networking, and Managing Self-Image
  • Communication Styles in Business
  • Asserting Yourself, Effectively
  • Navigating Diversity and Multiculturalism in Society – Pitfalls and Key Coping Skills
  • Strategies for Thriving in the US

The purpose of this training is to optimize your collaboration with partners from the US.

  • Your contacts and projects run smoothly
  • You avoid misunderstandings and conflicts effectively
  • You serve time, nerves and money