Strategic Planning With An Objective Perspective And Rigor

In stable environments, we can approach strategic planning with well-known tools and a linear sequence of analysis-planning-control methods that make the process more effective, and strategic. (We also facilitate strategic planning in unstable environments. See below.) We can design and moderate strategic planning processes for you and add value by providing a systematic approach. This includes providing an objective outside perspective, clear process steps, and guidance through a rigorous conversation and decision-making process by a skilled facilitator. As a result of the processes we implement, plans are more thoroughly vetted and stakeholders become more invested in their implementation. 

Strategic Planning In Organizational Uncertainty

For organizations experiencing instability from high rates of change and uncertainty, how is planning, especially for longer time-horizons, even possible? You might think that discarding strategic planning efforts altogether might be the way forward. However, the better response is to adopt a different type of strategic planning—the kind that can give you traction in your reality. 

Strategic Planning In Unstable Organizational Environments

The spaces and skills for innovation we can assist you with include non-linear learning groupware processes, generative communication dynamics and skills, improvisation principles and practices, skills for navigating emergent dynamics in groups and individual processes, and dialogic practices.

Organizational Agility And Responsiveness

ti communication can facilitate your strategic planning by implementing the concrete processes and tools needed to make the effort more successful. Our role may be a brief intervention, such as strategy workshop design and facilitation, or a methodology-focused leadership training. We can also guide you through longer processes designed to weave greater strategic agility into the fabric of the culture of the organization. 

Benefits Of Facilitated Strategic Planning

Working with our consultants will make your organization more nimble in the marketplace and your teams more resilient and cohesive throughout the change phases. We can aid your strategic planning effective opportunity spotting, decision-making quality, and strongly distributed action-capacity within an orienting mental framework.