Closing Strategy Implementation Gaps

Many organizations have fantastic strategic plans but in their implementation team members discover that strategy-implementation gaps exist. The reasons for these disparities vary, but they often include unanticipated human behavior and organizational systems dynamics. Unmet communication needs, skills gaps, or misalignment between strategy and organizational culture can also be among the stumbling blocks. Moreover, ambitious change agendas can run into disconnects with different stakeholder groups during implementation phases. All of it adds up to the best-laid plans not taking hold. 

Get Traction On Strategy Implementation

Our services focus on bringing human and organizational momentum into alignment with strategies. If you involve us early on in the strategy-making process, we add value through asking critical questions about human and organizational capacity so that they are sufficiently addressed to ensure traction during the implementation stages. In turn, this eases the adoption of new approaches, puts realistic human and organizational resources in place, and prevents conflicts at later stages. Your organization gains a competitive advantage when your strategies can be smoothly integrated into the organization.

Removing Obstacles To Strategy Implementation

At any stage in implementation, obstacles can surface that slow down progress or become derailers of the overall strategy. These obstacles could be silos between department, organizational values, leadership styles or skills, team dynamics, process or structure issues, or motivational disconnects. Our services for removing these obstacles include

  • Meeting design and facilitation  
  • Strengthening productivity through engagement
  • Fostering collaboration in teams or across departments
  • Team communication
  • Organizational culture development and change
  • Leadership development
  • Intercultural training
  • Coaching for leader development
  • Processes to expand innovation capacity
  • Building trust to increase collaboration and effectiveness.

The competitiveness of today’s market necessitates delivering on strategic plans and initiatives. By closing strategy implementation gaps, getting traction on implementation, and removing the obstacles to implementing a strategy, you will gain a critical advantage in the marketplace.